Probolinggo, Friday May 25th and June 1st 2018

Sharing is not only about how we give money to poor people, or to some people who in need. Sharing can have deeper meaning, one of them is sharing food to those who really need it.

Probolinggo, Friday, May 25th and June 1st in this blessings month of ramadan, Sambal Naknan Probolinggo is helding an event “Berbuka Bersama Sambal Naknan” In this event we give 3000 free nasi bungkus for poor people in Probolinggo. The event started from 16:00 WIB at alun-alun Probolinggo City in front of the Masjid Agung until almost maghgrib azan. This was the first time for Sambal Naknan to give free 3000 nasi bungkus. It was not a monthly event, but this event is one of many ways to get us closer and know about those who spend their lives in the street.

We also came along to feel and experienced how hard they fight for their fortune, even only for a spoon of rice. And the lesson in this event is “A wrapped rice may not be much, but we know and feel how is it to not have money and how to endure our hunger is like.